Wind O&M Europe Feb. 07-08, 2017 in Hamburg

8.2 Consulting AG will give a presentation during the

9th Annual Wind O&M Europe 2017 on February 8th 2017 in Hamburg:

"Life Time Extensions in Germany – First Results and Future Developments for Aging Wind Farms"

Knowing the overall lifetime of a wind turbine is the basis for reliable financial decisions!

The continued operation of wind turbines beyond their design lifetime becomes ever more economically interesting. Usually, a design lifetime of 20 years is taken as a basis for the design of a wind turbine. However, differences  between  the  design  loads  and  the actual  loads  on-site  can  lead  to  the  possibility  of operating  the wind turbine beyond  its  design lifetime. Therefore the turbine’s potential for site specific lifetime extension is assessed based on a combination of an analytical and a practical part.

Mr. Philipp Stukenbrock will give an insight and overview into the most important aspects and methods for the calculation of the remaining life time and a successful continued operation of wind turbines after 20 years.

Join us at the 9th Annual Wind O&M Europe 2017 in Hamburg!